General Chaperone Guidelines

We are very grateful to all parents who give their time and service to our band.  Thank you for agreeing to serve as a chaperone. Please follow the guidelines listed below to insure a positive experience for all of us.

  1. The Band Director and Vice-Presidents will be in charge of selecting chaperones for all off-campus band events when needed.
  2. A TDE form must be filled out before a parent can chaperone an off-campus band event.
  3. All chaperones must complete the Volunteer Registration process on the School District’s VIPS system every year, starting July 1st, before working at any event.
  4. Some events limit the number of chaperones we can bring for free.
  5. Official Band Chaperones must wear an official Band Chaperone Shirt, and the announced pants/shorts and shoes.  Shirts can be purchased in the band room.
  6. Nametags will be available in the parents’ room when you sign in, and should be worn for the entire event.  Nametags must be returned after the event.
  7. Chaperones should report to the band room at the same time as students, unless otherwise announced.
  8. Each chaperone will have an assigned job.  If there are questions or concerns, please see the Vice-President or head chaperone as soon as possible.  Instructions & job duties are posted in the parents’ room.  You may be asked to assist with other tasks – please pitch in and help if you see a need.
  9. The Band Director alone handles all discipline problems.  If any behavior issues arise, please report the students’ name(s) to the band director immediately.  Do not attempt to discipline the students yourself.
  10. Parent chaperones should remain with the band during the entire event.
  11. Chaperones cannot bring younger children with them.
  12. Chaperones will ride the busses to and from all off-campus events.  Please space yourselves out on busses instead of sitting in the front, to assist with student supervision.
  13. Students going to the restrooms during a football game must be escorted by a chaperone.  Do not take students to the restroom until permission from the Band Director has been obtained (the Band Director has to know the whereabouts of all band members at all times.)  No more than 3 students at a time can be released to the restroom.
  14. As with the students, chaperones are prohibited from smoking, alcohol, and illegal substances.
  15. Please assist the Band Director by watching students for signs of dehydration or illness.  Notify the Band Director and the Booster 1st aid person immediately if a student is ill or injured, so that parental contact can be made.
  16. If you must eat during a game, please do so away from the band area and out of sight of the students.  Students are not allowed to eat or drink during the game.  The only exceptions are the water breaks for 1st quarter and halftime.
  17. Students cannot visit with friends or relatives during a band event, unless previous arrangements were made with the Band Director.  Emergency messages for students must be referred to the Band Director first.  Band members must remain with the band at all times.
  18. At the end of a band event, chaperones need to remain at school until all students are picked up.  Persons not volunteering for the band should remain outside the band room doors.  At least 1 chaperone should be at each band room door to insure this security issue.
  19. Please refrain from any physical contact with the students.


Wellington High School Bands and FBA District 14
2018-2019 Performance Schedule

Saturday, October 13– Treasure Coast Crown Jewel Marching Competition, Vero Beach HS

Saturday, October 27 – FBA District 14 Marching Band Assessment, Palm Beach Central HS (performance time TBA)

Saturday, November 10–Annual “Salute to Veterans” Concert and Reception
WHS Theater, 2:00PM 
Free Admission - All Veterans and Active Servicemen/women Are Invited to Attend!

Thursday, December 13th – Winter Concert with WHS Choral Department
7:00PM, WHS Theater – Free Admission

March 12-13 – FBA District High School Band Assessments, WHS Theater, 3-10PM, Free Admission

Thursday, April 4th – “Jazz Under the Stars” featuring the WHS Jazz Bands
6:30PM, Wellington Amphitheater

Tuesday April 30th – “Surround Sound 9.0,” featuring the entire WHS Band Program, 7PM,
WHS Theater - Free Admission